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Only for individuals or families displaced due to Hurricane Harvey 

David's Team Fitness is committed in supporting the families of Southeast Texas who are struggling with the financial losses caused by Hurricane Harvey.  If you live in the Beaumont - Port Arthur - Houston area and are out of work as a result of this devastating storm, please complete the application below.  At regular intervals, we will randomly select a family to receive $300- $500 in funds donated for this disaster relief.  

If you are not affected by the storm, but wish to donate towards this cause, please click here and pledge your financial support.

Everyone that applies may or may not be eligible and will be subject for approval.

All applications will be considered however, all applicants will not be selected to receive assistance through this organization.  

Donations collected will be distributed to as many individuals/families as possible.

You will receive an email if any additional information is needed.  

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